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Find Empty Trucks On Your Way

Why you need freight matching?

Whether you ship once in a while, often or all the time, taking advantage of load boards results in shipping cost savings. Carriers who have trucks in your area are keen to do business with you and will offer discounted rates to win your business.

What we do?

We help shippers find empty trucks that meet their requirements. Searching for trucks is fast, easy to use and most importantly always up-to-date. Trucks are not only filtered by criteria such as type or capacity but crucially, they're ranked by overall efficiency which results in substantial savings.

Bloogistics lets you save both time on finding results and save money on costs.

Bloogistics at a glance:

  • Works like a search engine
  • Saves time and money
  • Always up-to-date
  • Over 10,000 active trucks every day

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