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Find loads on your way and get found by shippers

Why haulers need freight matching?

With thousands of trucks criss-crossing the country, gaps are inevitable. It is therefore out of necessity that carriers use load boards to find loads matching underutilized equipment. A successful and growing motor carrier uses freight matching tools every day.

What we do

Technology allows the most up-to-date information from fleet management systems to be transmitted instantly to our platform. In seconds, an equipment availability is live and included in searches by registered shippers and brokers.

Additionally, carriers can use the same fast and simple search technology to find live loads instead of deadheading.

Bloogistics at a glance:

  • Works like a search engine
  • Saves time and reduce deadheading
  • Always up-to-date
  • Over 40,000 active loads every day

Our difference to other load boards

With us, when a shipper searches for trucks, results are ranked by efficiency meaning the most mutually beneficial matches are shown first. This saves both the shipper and the carrier valuable time, and it reduces the number of miles trucks drive empty.

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