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About Us

Our Company

We're a tech company focused on providing a better search experience for the freight transport industry. We believe finding loads online should be as easy as finding the nearest pizza joint.

Finding More and Better Solutions

Our website enables you to match your truck or load with data posted by thousands of shippers, brokers and carriers every day. We provide you with a list of results with a 5-star rating system so you can instantly see how good the match is.

For example, if you're matching a deadheading truck from New York to Chicago, we will show you all the loads that are on its way. If a load is a perfect match, it gets a 5-star score. No need to spend time searching for loads in New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Ohio (although you can do that too). Simply enter the where and when and we'll take care of the matching.

Please take us for a Test Drive

Take Bloogistics for a spin and follow our latest developments on Twitter and right here on our website.

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